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Common problems when using PVC braided hose

Good quality PVC Layflat Hose for sales
Good quality PVC Layflat Hose for sales
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Nice hose and appears more heavy duty than others.We use them for draining piping systems.

—— TrailRunR

Durable and tough when dragging or using moderate pressures. I’ve used other hose that tears and punctures easily. This is good hose!

—— Sprint

Works great no leaks! I've been using this hose for months now without any problems.

—— Douglas L

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Common problems when using PVC braided hose

PVC braided hose, also known as PVC fiber reinforced hose, is a commonly used flexible hose in various industries. Despite its popularity, users often face a few common problems while using it.


One of the most common problems faced while using PVC braided hose is kinking. The hose can often develop kinks, which can restrict the flow of liquid through the hose. This can be caused by improper storage, excessive bending or twisting of the hose, or using the hose at an angle that pushes the braids to one side.


Another issue that users face is excessive wear and tear. PVC braided hose, especially the ones with lower quality materials, can break down over time due to prolonged exposure to UV rays, chemicals or high pressures. This can cause leaks and reduce the life of the hose significantly.

Using PVC braided hose with harsh chemicals, oils or hot liquids can cause the hose to deteriorate faster. It is advisable to use a hose that is specifically designed for such applications.


Lastly, users sometimes face issues related to static electricity buildup. PVC braided hose can generate a significant amount of static charge while in use, which can potentially cause a spark and ignite flammable liquids. It is recommended to use a grounded hose or anti-static wire to prevent the buildup of static charge in the hose.


In conclusion, while PVC braided hose is a versatile and useful product, users need to be mindful of these common issues to ensure safe and efficient usage.

Common problems when using PVC braided hose


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