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ChatGPT Major Upgrade

Good quality PVC Layflat Hose for sales
Good quality PVC Layflat Hose for sales
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Nice hose and appears more heavy duty than others.We use them for draining piping systems.

—— TrailRunR

Durable and tough when dragging or using moderate pressures. I’ve used other hose that tears and punctures easily. This is good hose!

—— Sprint

Works great no leaks! I've been using this hose for months now without any problems.

—— Douglas L

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ChatGPT Major Upgrade

In the early morning of March 15th, OpenAI officially launched GPT-4, which immediately triggered a heated market discussion. As the next generation technology of the artificial intelligence model GPT-3.5 behind Chat GPT, the GPT-4 capability released this time is more powerful than before. For example, the following demonstration scenario is truly eye-catching:
1. Draw a very rough sketch using paper and pen on the draft book
2. Take a photo and tell GPT that I want to be a webmaster. In this way, generate a website code for me
3. The website was completed, taking about ten seconds in total


Will art jobs be replaced?


Will art jobs be replaced? As soon as the GPT-4 version was released, many sellers have already experienced it first. From the feedback of sellers, GPT-4 not only can recognize graphics and program, quickly generate and build real websites, but also rapidly improve its copywriting ability, which can really help improve work efficiency.
Obviously, several features of GPT-4 have brought great convenience to cross-border sellers, but the development of things has a dual nature. When the rapid development of AI brings convenience, it will inevitably impact a number of professions.
Senior seller "Feng Zhong Factory Director" believes that the development of artificial intelligence is fast, and without restrictions, AI will really replace many basic work. It is undoubtedly a good thing for enterprises, employers, developers, product managers, etc. It can improve efficiency and reduce costs. However, it is bad news for ordinary white-collar workers, grassroots executives, and junior creators with low technical content, "because capital will definitely be desperate to reduce costs."
It is understood that one of the most significant changes in GPT-4 is its ability to process image information. Although the permissions for image input have not yet been disclosed, many cross-border sellers have already developed their own ideas.
"Artists who fully follow operational advice and have no design style of their own are likely to lose their job opportunities," said cross-border seller Li Yong. In Li Yong's view, with the upgrading and iteration of ChatGPT, it has demonstrated powerful functions that can already replace the existence of the position of art designer. "I can't find a better helper than AI mapping. GPT-4 doesn't have to pay social security, and its ability is particularly outstanding. The mapping is even faster in seconds, and N iterations of improvement are completed instantly. In addition, in an emergency, there is no need to rush the artist to modify the mapping, and you can propose changes on your own."
A seller who took the lead in trying to use GPT-4 told Hugo Cross Border that compared to GPT3, GPT4 is obviously more logical. It is recommended that operators learn as soon as possible and explore better ways to use it.
"If a software can do the work of 10 foreign trade salesmen and do better, then for companies, it only needs to retain personnel who can use ChatGPT for some basic work, which not only improves enterprise efficiency, but also saves costs, and may even affect the salaries of some positions." The seller said.
However, there are also many artists and foreign trade salesmen who are not convinced. "Unless it can make colorful black," "can it communicate daily with customers and interact emotionally with people?" ChatGPT's responses and suggestions are still based on machine learning and natural language processing technology, lacking human experience and judgment, and unable to perceive real-world situations and information.


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